Dried Mugwort Loose leaves Tea 30 Tea bags


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  • HIGH-QUALITY MUGWORT TEA: Our mugwort herbal tea is grown on farm in Thailand and made completely there. This mugwort dried herbs tea is sourced from the farm which abides by sustainable agricultural techniques. Mugwort tea is made without any artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, we believe these additives do more harm than good as they often cause adverse side. Our mugwort sleep tea is caffeine-free so you can drink it any time of the day!
  • CALMING AND RELAXING: If you struggle with anxiety and stress daily, mugwort herb dried tea might help. With its powerful nervine qualities, mugwort bedtime tea can be the perfect remedy for treating anxiousness, and depression. Mugwort bedtime tea is used regularly today to ease muscle tension, improve digestion issues or treat insomnia so you can sleep better. Mugwort herb tea has been known to reduce the effects of metabolic issues as well as improving quality of life.
  • SUPPORT IMMUNE SYSTEM: Artemisia Vulgaris tea may be a tasty choice for boosting the immune system because of its high concentration of vitamin C and other active antioxidants. Drinking mugwort herbal teas, which contain high levels of vitamin C, can stimulate the production of white blood cells. Mugwort anxiety tea also acts as an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals cause inflammation and weaken defenses against infection.
  • HELP WITH DIGESTION: Mugwort herbal tea increases the volume of secretion from the liver, which provides great benefits for digestion. Natural herbs tea also stimulates the flow of bile from the liver. Bile is a vital substance within the digestive system, and it plays an important role in our ability to digest food. Artemisia vulgaris tea can also relieve stomach acidity, indigestion, travel sickness, and acute bowel and stomach pain.
  • PACKAGED WITH CARE: This mugwort tea for sleep is packed in bleach-free tea bags. Our mugwort herb tea comes in 30 individual bags with a vacuum seal to ensure freshness. The total weight of the dried mugwort tea is 1.8 ounces.
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