Butterfly pea 30 tea bags dried flowers in tea bags





  • Butterfly pea tea come from? : Butterfly pea flowers grown and made in Thailand
  • Butterfly pea tea have caffeine? : No, Butterfly pea our organic and caffeine free.
  • 30 Tea bags Butterfly pea tea flower dried Origin in Thailand Natural Taste (Clitoria ternatea)
  • Perfect for birthday party more fun add lemon for color changing tea
    Home and office relax with butterfly pea tea everywhere and every time easy for drink
  • Create for food and beverage have fun premium butterfly pea tea blended with something else or else making your own blend at home
  • Premium herbal tea by Hida Beauty, Premium Package Idea for gift.
  • How to use: Place one tea bag in a cup, add hot water wait 2 - 3 minutes. (One tea bag can make 3 - 4 cups.

    *** Warning: This product is not suitable to whom allergic to pollen. ***